Frost. 2019

I woke up and the cellar had forgotten my hand it was not well
and I was sweating it has taken this long to make me sweat
and every weekend I sweat again but the weeks are good I do
things I pay taxes and orchestrate the growth of other
organisations. I am the architect. The cellar didn’t need a sticker
on every box. The freezer jammed with tectonic ice. Left
cold every morning for a whole year of winter with an animal
trying to keep warm under my duvet and just waiting for the
next game of catch I was waiting till I had stopped sweating
and attempted to control this with guided breathing catch
I have always had suitable winter clothing so outside was
where to roll in the frost. It would have been something many
others would have cared about but it was round about this time
my brain wasn’t a good conductor if there was a chorus catch
it was jammed and there is almost everyone in the world with
feelings like this in the morning sweating catch focus cold and
dark with the room around them getting smaller till it’s just
the bed and you’re sharing it with an animal who isn’t part of
you not yet and she didn’t become part of me but I did find
her another place to travel I did find her a shape in the world.

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