Boudicca Way. 2019

Gate over the train takes me to rabbit
and high visibility saves us from the glare.
This the path of the woman with red hair.
I walk daft and am stuck in this tree.

I couldn’t look after you but every day
I looked around for the person who could
take you in their car. I looked every day.
I found a person and didn’t ask to be paid.

The movements you made were either soft
or sudden exits. There’s no one who can
catch like you rushed over bark crashing
through reeds and the hidden orb nose

with a special warning speed warning stop
it was the trainers that made the decision
grow out of my bed again and wake up
the sofa man who doesn’t know I live here.

It was a man from another place that click
universal man with a solution to the door.
I was taught that animals rabbit at the hills
for this journey I was not the right animal

I held myself against you but outside click
there was the world against you and you
just wanted to relax into it which is the right
everyone has if they want to fight with a toy.

To demand a cadence would not have been
something you understood so I made it click
through the door rabbit and you shivered
wonderfully into a new and exciting field

it was a walk that we did it was a walk
that we did and I didn’t do it to impress her
I did it to bring you to the world and yes a
high rabbit brain was allowed to click into being.

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