Christmas. 2019

Calm loft on instant message. Which
face to choose great function uniting
wilderness utopia what image of
a supermarket trolley would be most
appropriate here?

I watched you through the glass. I
walked you until you died. I had the desire
to do this but I think it was a spectre
of me. I don’t want to do it now.

Losing part of your ear in the night
and never complaining touch

wrap around my leg fold into my elbow
it’s cold every time I see you

and I do dream about it it is something
close to my brain and I want
I want to want to want to dance with you
everyone really does want to dance.

Especially me. I am
a natural and fine dancer.

Hang factory utensil clasp it’s night
burning every day even though
it really is always a cold day when I see you

Please leave me to arrange
the mess you have made on the grass again
dancing expert warrior

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