Machine. 2020

Around the blanket
hovering tags click wakes up.
Sop into the carpet.
Use these methods for your day.

Exit into snow.
Discover ability to swim
through reeds. Discharge
again. Pericardium is snug.

Under the pear trees
they are pressed and they are
collected into a pie snoop
let’s you click you into a carpet pie
and press the folds together.

Irrational string
is passed off just a
baby. He was a lovely
but very different soft toy,
bringing us pieces of wood.

Inside your brain
kaleidoscope the hallway
pinball catch the walls.
Glide into the station.

The hyena is taken
and a processor forms
her memory from
a selection of single images.
It is a video of her day.

The action of block
slip at the ankle twitch
herding repeat until
the sky is bright for you
snoop but I am fading.

I note the file location
and listen to the surge.
This is where you are now snoop.
You a memory on my machine.

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