Tick. 2020

delight on the catch
rabbits your lotic system
dash at the molecular dreamboat

too cold outside
to run up and down
the stairs again

sinking into the room
with artefacts and
I brush myself with ink

it is a peculiar garment
snoop you were click
almost taken to a farm

he is smol
he is jumping
he is eating my face

the spine reacts at
the first columns of warmth
the speed of amber

always spread your toes
into the ground
so that you are a natural human

I have researched the
impacts of self-harm
and know the statistics very well

John nodded in quiet voice
is a piece of text
hidden in an electronic message

cloud bends around
flood and remember
our flash at sixteen years

placing my hands upon a table
look at me
placing my hands upon a table

in the shops I am looking
at all the chocolate I am looking
at all the chocolate in the shops

lentic systems are still
lentic systems are ponds and lakes
the epilithon forms a mucus layer

it is another catch click today
the point I crossed the tick
is tearing from window (yay)

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