Sand. 2019

to be very talented
snoop is seizing my arm
to be a very talented day
snoop now has my arm

pronator drift
hide in the bed
it is a still body of water
in which there are several layers

a talented day rests
on the filing of each hour
so that it coordinates itself
with the interior expansion

a talented day of trees
one grew through a church
and gave me a coin but it was
cursed and now I am hiding

regard this my phatic
balance glistening lace
draw against
my tongue and burn

and snoop will have a talented day
marvelled at in the round
surrounded by sand
and the petrified forest

the hip bones are connected to the brain
I should have gone to the hospital
to show you how talented I am
a talented day

I am pushed through the gates
and each morning
forced to wonder
at the silent murmuring shells

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