Fetch. 2019

Handled by a watch. You fetch water
running together directing become
secure rivet on pylon climbing bliss
to sneeze. You are scared of strangers.

I rescued you. I am wheezing. Crux
of walking down the road. Brilliant
fire of reeds. It is not in this citadel
that I become clean. Regarding

super brain lighting soft spirits.
Yanked away from the car ears
at their reverse angle high shame it
was never me that told you things

you told me the things. You took
the things and then told me to look.
I woke up and the shower had
collapsed around me again.

Taut synapse arching potential
smudged on me. I took it. Look
at the electricity. Look at what they say
it does to a brain. I want your brain.

Fetch into each corner and I wake
up in the house to look after you and
you told me to look and the shower
had collapsed around me again.

It was a brittle walk. You wandered
into the road and I moved. Jump
at me. It was beautiful and kind to
be told to look. And I was followed.

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