Snoop. 2020

We were playing a game snoop and it was a game
of leaves and the wavelengths you can identify are
not the same as mine. Evolved for different prey.
Snoop catch is the marking marsh-part or scent
of hair the memory of the bed that was to come
in the future when I had no excuse to snoop or catch
she nearly caught me snoop I was very nearly caught.

trigger electric soaking
  voice shaking a flooded cottage
    one eye looks for a man in a red coat
      the other eye is looking for a ball

flash hyena, find the learning pool

It was an item of clothing that both circles and brushes
snoop and I have no idea but I have seen you do worse
at least I don’t bite people you big hyena. I am just lonely
even with finding the wavelength hidden in the garden
and teaching you about the circle of fifths. You are clever
enough to understand because click you move into the right
place and relax and your eyes are not catching against the door.

let’s have another look
  let’s not have another look
    let’s have another game of catch
      even if it means we are finally caught

leap hyena, catch it in the rapids

Can I look if it is shown to me or do I ask the answer is
you should always ask because someone somewhere is
watching you with a clicker who will force you to your knees
and make you eat treats scattered on the floor. On the floor
around the memory of the bed in the future there are treats
but they have not been scattered for me and snoop if I can’t
have any then yes it does mean you can have some extra cheese.

I snooped lovingly
  at snoop and the hyena
    you have mistaken it for a glove
      the wavelength stopped being a game

blush hyena, run at the streaming glance

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