The Sound. 2019

inside the wall
  I have heard a sound
crawling on the frost
  leading a happy search

what do I enjoy!
  I’m having a lovely time!

  oh there’s the resumption
    of the sound’s anonymity
      the hyena docks into my knee-fold

we love to have a good time and we love the sounds
of house that we have found during the kitchen search
    catch that sound click
    fold it into the dark
    such a clever hyena
    having a lovely time

it’s the angle of her eyes ; is the sound even in the wall
I heard something growing and it is losing against the cold
there is a lovely divine choir and I can teach you to surge with
twitch at the toy let’s look again and see if the sound has gone

would have you shipped
  melted for convenience
    you weren’t good at finding
      the being of the purple frisbee
        not when it was in the lovely grass
          only when it was in the air

we can look at the sound and it can be a very lovely sound
  of ships or a taut wire or a stranger
    it can be the only sound your eyes understand click
      you have played a joke on me and I am trapped in the wall

can you please find the sound of the kitchen hyena and report
  back to me on what is happening in your animal brain

    before we both succumb neither of us are properly equipped
      to be a leader in this search I have an idea about the
        sound and it is the sound of your brain sinking into
          the earth it is not coming from the kitchen wall

we both love to have a good time
don’t forget to search the tortoises

the search ended because your ears remembered
that we were out hunting the sound
and the click house was not hunting us

in the wall I found some bones
  and they were lovely
they might have been a dolphin
  maybe you had a secret dolphin friend

what do I enjoy!
  I’m having a lovely time!

I promise to find you another dolphin friend

goodnight house

sleep hyena


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